cruelty-free art deco clutches

Would you believe that this gorgeous clutch is cruelty-free? Gunas is devoted to the ethics of conscious consumption, with collections of men’s, women’s and unisex bags that are vegan and sweatshop-free. Their entire site is worth a look, but this faux suede art deco clutch is by far the standout.


getting cloche

Last post from shopping on Abbott Kinney in Venice… would that I could afford this adorable little cloche hat from Stronghold… their store is the highlight of the neighborhood and their website is pretty cute too.

Founded in 1985, Stronghold was the first denim manufacturer in Los Angeles. Their brand retains the old tymey flair but the store is chock full of hip cuties trying on their pinup-style high-waisted shorts with stripes of varying widths. The fit is very small so you might need to go up a size or two, but if you try a pair on you’re likely to leave with a new favorite jean.

louis vuitton checkerboard spring



How much do I covet this jacket from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear collection? Apparently enough to cop it from and crop it from a screen shot.

The looks came down the runway in pairs, often with the two models sporting identical coifs. Almost every item brandished checkerboard print in various sizes– some matched, some mismatched, some cutout to show skin, others covering everything and yet still being the cutest ever. Well done, Marc.


Do women wear blazers anymore? I don’t see them a lot on the street. And I know, at least in more creative fields, that they’ve completely fallen by the wayside. I don’t see much of the corporate world firsthand, but Vogue would have me believe that all women in high-level corporate positions wear Prada dresses to work every day. That can’t really be true, can it?

Either way, I thought this shot came out cute, and very editorial. Gen is wearing a (pre-owned) black blazer with white pinstripes that we’re selling for only $6.99 here. And did I mention that all of these auctions end tomorrow? Well they do, so check out the page soon.

street creep: business casj

Okay, I have GOT to stop doing this. In yet ANOTHER moment of iPhone stalkery, I snapped an unsuspecting pedestrian on an LA street corner because I liked her outfit. (I mean, she looks so BUSY! How could I interrupt her?!) First of all, how can you not love a haircut that reminds you of this? Secondly, I’m normally a skinny-jeans-are-the-only-jeans kind of girl, but she was rocking more of a boot cut thing and it was totally working with the fitted button-down shirt. Rachel Maddow on a lunchbreak? I’m on board with this look.