Do women wear blazers anymore? I don’t see them a lot on the street. And I know, at least in more creative fields, that they’ve completely fallen by the wayside. I don’t see much of the corporate world firsthand, but Vogue would have me believe that all women in high-level corporate positions wear Prada dresses to work every day. That can’t really be true, can it?

Either way, I thought this shot came out cute, and very editorial. Gen is wearing a (pre-owned) black blazer with white pinstripes that we’re selling for only $6.99 here. And did I mention that all of these auctions end tomorrow? Well they do, so check out the page soon.


stripes and ruffles

Gen had the idea to wear the belt loose, whereas I might have styled it with the belt tighter and the top bloused out more. Either way, I love this look and I love how natural a smile she has. You can buy this top (and check out the rest of my eBay store) here.