beyonce channels bettie page in “why don’t you love me?”

A friend made chilaquiles last night and somehow a group of us ended up clustered around a laptop before we even went back for seconds, drooling over videos by M.I.A., Ciara and Beyonce. Even though we’re all avid music fans, a few videos somehow slipped through the cracks and didn’t made it on our radar the first time around, so we had the pleasure of introducing each other to these lost gems. Case in point: HOW DID I EVER MISS THIS VIDEO?

Beyonce is a babe. This isn’t news, I’m sure. But this video is two years old, photography and styling are amazing, and hello, she’s channeling queen-of-S/M-chic (with a nonthreatening wink, of course), Bettie Page. Thank God for my friends or I may have never known.

– Gina


new, nude sigur ros video

The brilliant Ryan Heffington choreographed this new outing from Sigur Ros, which features Shia LaBeouf and Denna Thomsen stuck in a cyclical, drug-addled, hipster Groundhog Day of sorts. The nudity and violence has surely fueled the video’s viral success (about a million and a half views as of this writing)…

…but it’s also beautiful song at the root. The accompanying imagery is appropriately haunting, romantic and grim.

thee satisfaction: queens

I love this. Thee Satisfaction’s Stas and Cat have great individual style to begin with, but seeing it extrapolated to a whole group of beautiful women having a house party (or secret sisterhood confab of sorts)… is awesome. That the song seems to be a cooing entreaty to drop your pretension and just be you? Makes it even better.

– Gina