paris was a woman

Oh, divine. If this film doesn’t make you want to drop everything and time travel to the Left Bank to be an intellectual woman sporting a man’s suit and a silk cravat… well, maybe you’re just not me. Love the footage of Josephine Baker and of Gertrude Stein. Above is a short excerpt, but the entire documentary is available on Netflix instant.


bringing up baby at the hollywood cemetery

Word on the street is that the best part of Summer in Los Angeles is the cheap seats at the Hollywood Bowl and the movie nights at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Both involve picnics. Having tried (and loved) the former, I figure it’s time to try the latter. So I just bought tickets to “Bringing Up Baby” tonight– and perfect, because I love Katharine Hepburn and her gentlemanly style. You can get tickets of your own here.

– Gina

an american in paris

While researching famous chair dances for my day job, I started having vivid memories of a favorite musical scene from my youth. Hunting it down on YouTube was easy, and now I want to re-watch the entire film. You just can’t beat the use of color or the classic fashions– to say nothing of the dancing– in this clip.

– Gina