seattle street style: capitol hill block party 2012

Genevieve Alvarez/The Seattle Times

Seattle is notoriously bad for its fashion coverage, but the Seattle Times actually got it right this time with a great 31-picture feature on street style at the Capitol Hill Block Party. Pictures 4 and 22 particularly epitomize Seattle style, and I also like the descending trio of accessories below right. Plus: Tetris leggings?!?!

Genevieve Alvarez/The Seattle Times

People watching *is* the best part of the Block Party, after all. Even if you love the entire lineup of bands, you’d probably rather see them in an indoor venue where the sound isn’t getting battered and muffled by bizarre outdoor acoustics, and where you have a good chance of seeing anything and NO chance of heat stroke. So big props to the Seattle Times for making this expat feel momentarily nostalgic for Capitol Hill style. (Now if only they would hire someone to do their copyediting. As I’ve mentioned before, improper spelling of the word “sequins” sends me into a rage blackout.)

– Gina

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