street style LA: rose bowl flea market

We checked out the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena over Easter weekend. Totally worth it! Every time we thought we’d reached the end of it, nope, there was another whole section (over a bridge, around a corner) that we hadn’t even explored yet. I immediately stumbled upon a booth where a woman was selling bloomers, dresses and vests made out of recycled lace. Bloomers: check. Erica found the workdesk of her dreams at a seller of furniture made out of repurposed wood, glass and metal– it’s actually meant to be a wine bar, but she’s using it for scanning photographs just fine! There were plenty of cowboy boots, retro sunglasses and old globes everywhere, and we even found an entire tent devoted to antique silverware. We met Kylie just after I had decided NOT to buy a midcentury kitchen stool that I fell a little bit in love with. It’s the bold blouse that makes her outfit, but the high-wasited jean shorts and close-cropped hair looked uniquely “her,” too.

Gina: What did you come to the Rose Bowl Flea Market to find?

Kylie: Clothes. I wanted a vest– like a crochet kind of a tan vest– and I got exactly what I wanted, so now I’m just kind of wandering around.

A few tips for first time visitors at the Rose Bowl Flea Market:

– Arrive early

– Wear sunblock

– Don’t pay to park– enjoy the walk, and tip anyone who helps you carry your purchases back to your car!

– Bring a nice, sturdy tote bag so you don’t waste plastic

– Eat early to avoid the lunch rush at the food court

– When in doubt about making a purchase, walk away and see if it calls you back. If it does? Don’t wait too long, or another bargain-hunter will snatch it right out from under your nose.

It’s totally worth the early rising and the price of admission. Happy hunting.

Gina + Erica

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