thee satisfaction: queens

I love this. Thee Satisfaction’s Stas and Cat have great individual style to begin with, but seeing it extrapolated to a whole group of beautiful women having a house party (or secret sisterhood confab of sorts)… is awesome. That the song seems to be a cooing entreaty to drop your pretension and just be you? Makes it even better.

– Gina


street style LA: yours truly

Here’s another one from the Rose Bowl Flea Market! This is me in a pair of vintage 80s blue navy pumps that I squeezed on at one of the many shoe vendors’ tables. They were waaaay too tight, though– they instantly cut off my circulation!

– Gina

Photo by Erica

street style LA: rose bowl flea market

We checked out the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena over Easter weekend. Totally worth it! Every time we thought we’d reached the end of it, nope, there was another whole section (over a bridge, around a corner) that we hadn’t even explored yet. I immediately stumbled upon a booth where a woman was selling bloomers, dresses and vests made out of recycled lace. Bloomers: check. Erica found the workdesk of her dreams at a seller of furniture made out of repurposed wood, glass and metal– it’s actually meant to be a wine bar, but she’s using it for scanning photographs just fine! There were plenty of cowboy boots, retro sunglasses and old globes everywhere, and we even found an entire tent devoted to antique silverware. We met Kylie just after I had decided NOT to buy a midcentury kitchen stool that I fell a little bit in love with. It’s the bold blouse that makes her outfit, but the high-wasited jean shorts and close-cropped hair looked uniquely “her,” too.

Gina: What did you come to the Rose Bowl Flea Market to find?

Kylie: Clothes. I wanted a vest– like a crochet kind of a tan vest– and I got exactly what I wanted, so now I’m just kind of wandering around.

A few tips for first time visitors at the Rose Bowl Flea Market:

– Arrive early

– Wear sunblock

– Don’t pay to park– enjoy the walk, and tip anyone who helps you carry your purchases back to your car!

– Bring a nice, sturdy tote bag so you don’t waste plastic

– Eat early to avoid the lunch rush at the food court

– When in doubt about making a purchase, walk away and see if it calls you back. If it does? Don’t wait too long, or another bargain-hunter will snatch it right out from under your nose.

It’s totally worth the early rising and the price of admission. Happy hunting.

Gina + Erica

seattle street style: front row at the festival

The fact that LA is like a ghost town right now due to Coachella reminded me of this cute shot I snapped of two youngsters at Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival a few years back. Taylor and Karen had just emerged from the Matt & Kim mosh pit, sweaty but unscathed. I love their little haircuts and how cute and comfortable they look.

– Gina

seattle street style: getting rheal

Gina: Do you dress more for comfort, or to make an impression?

Rheal: It depends on what I want to do. Sometimes I want to create a persona and sometimes I’m just in sweats and some t-shirt.

Gina: Who do you dress for?

Rheal: The mirror. My contemporaries. Sometimes we all dress up together and go out, it’s like an art project.

Gina: Who is your style icon?

Rheal: Chloe Sevigny. Definitely. She dresses like an effeminate boy.

We’re almost reaching the end of my nostalgia posts, reminiscences from my days writing the Friday Night Fetch fashion column for The Stranger. Where should Erica and I turn our eye next?
– Gina

seattle street style: off the shoulder

Dixie is a jewelry designer that I caught on the street before a night out on the town. I asked her who her style icon is and she said, “Adam Ant. He’s my boycrush, I think because he looks so much like a girl. I think it just depends on my mood for the day, and it helps if [I’m given] a theme.”

My camera couldn’t quite capture the colorful streaks of shiny facepaint above her cheekbone.

– Gina

seattle street style: coed

Lauren was a student at the University of Washington at the time that I snapped this photo on her campus. She bemoaned the dressing habits of her classmates– “Ugg boots and jean skirts!” When I asked how she would prefer that they dress, she hesitated. “Umm… not in velour. Of any kind. I don’t like velour jumpsuits. Or rhinestoned jeans. Or any sort of decor or embroidery on denim. I like tights.”

– Gina