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I’ve never been a Taylor Swift fan per se, but this video might just have won me over. Yoann Lemoine pitched his idea without being prompted by the label, and it’s just beyond pretty, from the photography to the set dec to the styling.

– Gina



seattle street style: the new dandy

kevin kauer seattle street style

Although he has now grown a beard and looks a bit more like a bear cub than a dandy, this will always be the definitive picture of Kevin Kauer for me.

A Seattle-based party promoter and DJ, Kevin has always been willing to take risks with his style. He made the chain brooch he’s wearing himself, by combining a couple of jewelry pieces, and he was the first person I ever saw wearing one of those fuzzy animal tails– long before they became ubiquitous among emo kids and the occasional hipster.

You can stay on top of what he’s up to here.

– Gina

an american in paris

While researching famous chair dances for my day job, I started having vivid memories of a favorite musical scene from my youth. Hunting it down on YouTube was easy, and now I want to re-watch the entire film. You just can’t beat the use of color or the classic fashions– to say nothing of the dancing– in this clip.

– Gina

seattle street style: confessions of a female drag queen

stella rose st clair

Stella runs the fantastic style blog Confessions of a Female Drag Queen. I used to see her everywhere in Seattle, always dressed to the nines and often fronting bands or espousing impromptu art projects. She has since moved to New York, but I’m sure she’s still as outspoken and feminist as she was in 2010 when I interviewed her:

“I do consider myself a female drag queen, full time. I consider myself a feminist, actually, but a stereotypical feminist of yesteryear might think what I’m doing is degrading to women. I really like looking like a porcelain doll, and still being a strong woman doing it.”

– Gina

moca goes mod

This past weekend in Los Angeles, I caught the exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Art‘s little satelliteĀ at the Pacific Design Center. It’s called The Total Look: The Creative Collaborations Between Rudi Gernreich, Peggy Moffitt and William Claxton.

Covering a period from the mid-40s through the mid-70s (but feeling very 60s throughout), the exhibition blends photography, film and fashion design into a flirty and engaging presentation. I love how contemporary so many of the pieces look (minus, perhaps, the polyester cohort in the back corner), but the showstopper by far is the film footage amassed from several photo shoots. Peggy Moffitt is non-stop with imaginative poses.

You can see what made her an icon (not to mention a slew of Rudi Gernreich’s designs, up close) at the MoCA until May 27, 2012. Suggested donation is $5. Oh and no cameras– this last shot was snapped right before I got in trouble with security.

– Gina

seattle street style: pioneer square

Pioneer Square is a historic part of downtown Seattle. I also liked that Daniel dressed like a bit of a square for our shoot that day. (The next time I saw him was at a party, wearing a shiny pastel bomber jacket that was unmistakably 90s.)

The original article I posted about him drew a slew of nasty comments– who knew that naivete and curly hair were unattractive?– but he took it in stride. “If people are talking about you,” he told me on the dance floor at that same party, “you’re doing something right.”

– Gina