seattle street style: whitney houston love

When I lived in Seattle, I wrote a street style column for The Stranger. It was not entirely a success due to various factors, but it was definitely a hit with a certain segment of the readership, many of whom sent me excited emails and/or tried to nominate themselves for future columns. I’m going to re-post some of my favorite pictures from that series here.

Julia and I had a lot of friends in common but never really hung out. I ran into her outside of a Capitol Hill bar called the Bus Stop, where she was working at the time.

It was a hot May afternoon in 2010. I asked her what the initials shaved into her hair stood for, and got an unbelievable answer: “Whitney Houston.”

Couldn’t help but think of this today. I was on the same plane as Bobby Brown last night, as he was en route to LA from his canceled concert in Nashville. Got caught in his crush of paparazzi. Felt overwhelmed.

– Gina

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